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Improved Photo Processing and Filtering

Posted on by Jon Livingston


Today I wanted to share an update we’ve made on how we process the photos you upload. While not the sexiest update this fits right into our goal of saving you time when dealing with trail camera photos.

In the past when uploading photos to a specific camera we would show a “Processing” graphic instead of the actual photo if it had an issue or was currently being processed. 99.9% of the time the photo would update and appear but in rare circumstances, if the photo was missing Exif data (where the time stamp resides), or if it was corrupt, our processing graphic would just become an eyesore in your photo gallery.

To save you time organizing trail camera photos that don’t have time stamps or are corrupt we now automatically filter them as either Completed (Time Stamp Found), Incomplete (Time Stamp Missing), In Process (Currently Syncing Weather) or Corrupt. Here’s some more information about about each status.

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New Trail Camera Photo Viewer

Posted on by Jon Livingston


We’ve recently made a couple of updates to improve DeerLab’s camera photo gallery experience.

Sometimes you just want to quickly scan larger photos. Now you can with DeerLab’s new Photo Viewer. When viewing photos from a specific camera just select a photo to see a larger view. You can then select the left side of the photo to see more recent photos or the right side to see older photos. You can even use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to quickly scroll through all your photos.

The Photo Viewer works with filters as well so if you want to quickly scan through specific photos you can.

To view weather for a particular photo just select the “View Photo & Weather Details” button right below each photo in the viewer.

Here’s a short video showing the photo viewer in action.

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Refer Friends and Receive Up to 100% Off

Posted on by Jon Livingston

Discount for DeerLab Trail Camera Software

We're excited to announce we just launched a new referral program allowing subscribers to earn up to 100% off any monthly DeerLab plan.

Here's how it works.

When you refer a friend to a paid DeerLab account you will automatically receive 10% off of your monthly bill. For every friend or person that subscribes using your unique referral code they will receive 10% off and you'll receive 10% off. Get ten to sign up and you could receive up to 100,000 photos absolutely free!

A referral is claimed when your unique coupon code or link is used when a friend signs ups for a monthly paid account. To share your coupon code just select "Earn Free Credit" once in the app. You'll then have an option to share your personalized code via email, Facebook and Twitter. You can even put the link on your website.

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Take Control of Your Trail Camera Photos with Mass Tagging and Deleting

Posted on by Jon Livingston


We just deployed an exciting new release to DeerLab (for all plans) that allows you to easily tag and delete multiple trail camera photos at once. Mass editing dramatically speeds up the process of organizing your trail camera photos and lays the groundwork for even larger features we are currently developing.

Here's a quick video on how mass tagging and deleting works...

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