Create and Share Trail Camera Photo Websites with DeerLab’s Albums

By Jon Livingston. Tags: Product News

DeerLab is excited to announce the release of Albums, a first-of-its-kind feature which enables hunters to easily create and share public websites showcasing their trail camera photos managed by DeerLab’s web-app.

Outfitters, hunt leases and avid trail camera owners now have a simple way to publish their trail camera photos. Best of all, multiple Albums can be created to show only specific groups of photos. You can make an album of hit-list bucks or just display one or more tagged photos.

While DeerLab provides aerial maps with camera locations for its logged-in customers, public Albums strip all sensitive information so viewers won’t know where photos are located. In addition, Albums automatically updates whenever new trail camera photos are added to DeerLab and matches the tags being displayed.

Trail Camera Photo Websites

Albums utilizes the easy-to-use photo gallery design of the app, but now customers can create a title and description to customize their sites. Viewers have access to a large photo viewer, the time and date the photos were taken, as well as detailed weather info which trail cameras currently don’t capture. Lastly, photos can be easily shared on popular social media sites.

See an album from the Sportsman Channel’s Hallowed Ground Outdoors.

Creating a public website from DeerLab takes less than a minute. Just select one or more existing tags, add a title and optional description, and you're done.

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