See How Bucks Move with Different Wind Directions and Speeds

By Jon Livingston. Tags: Product News, Hunting Strategy

There's several whitetail studies around on how wind affects or doesn't affect the pattern of deer movement. Some studies say they do, some say they don't. No matter the findings, the reports usually come from a property several states away.

If only they did a wind study on the property you hunt!

Well, DeerLab now puts the data in your hands. We just released a new feature allowing you to see if wind affects your profiled bucks. You get to decide.

You’ll now be able to track buck movements during specific wind directions and speeds. You’ll even be able to filter results by date ranges and cameras. Just select the “Wind” tab on existing profiled animals to get started. The reports are already waiting for all your profiles.

Here's a quick video showing you DeerLab's wind reports in action.



The above radial graph highlights when a buck we call "Roscoe" moves for all date ranges and cameras. As you can see he's definitely moving more when the wind is coming out of the Northwest. 

You can also see the wind speed and you'll even be able to filter the speeds and directions - to the conditions you'll be hunting. If there's a certain time frame or trail camera you want to drill down into, that's available as well.

The Takeaway from Wind Reports

As we all know bucks can have certain personalities just like humans. Understanding how they move is essential if desiring more close encounters. While some bucks might go with the "flow", others, depending on many factors, might not.

While a remote wind study can give general insights, DeerLab believes having unique data for your hit-list bucks is invaluable. 

So How Do DeerLab's Wind Reports Work?

DeerLab pulls wind and speed data straight from you properties' closest weather station. We then sync the wind direction and wind speed to each photo - down to the second. We do some other calculations as well - more on that here.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as it's a first of it's kind for hunters. Now you can see the effects of wind direction and wind speed on your bucks. 

We would love to hear any feedback you have below. And as always, we would really appreciate it if you could share this with your hunting friends.

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