Manage Trail Camera Locations with Ease

Manage Trail Camera Locations with Ease

Sometimes managing where your trail cameras are can be a pain, especially if you’re moving them around to target particular bucks, or if you have a number of cams on one or more properties. Once you start using over 10 cameras it becomes quite a chore.

Some DeerLab customers have over 200 cams. Can you imagine? To help hunters manage their cams, as well as all their photos, stats, and reports from various camera locations, we just released a new feature called Camera Statuses that's now available in everyone's account. Check out this short video tutorial to see how Camera Statuses work.


Camera Statuses allow you to:

  • Turn "on" and "off" camera locations so you can track what cameras you have out
  • Visually see active and inactive camera locations in one satellite view
  • Maintain all your historic photos, stats, tags, etc. for a camera location even if you're currently not using that location.
  • Stay sane!

How to Use Camera Statuses

If you relocate a camera or stop using a camera just turn the location status to OFF by selecting the toggle next to the camera. If you ever put a camera back in this location you can just turn it back on.

When you change the status you'll also notice the icons on the satellite map change. Active cameras will be highlighted orange where inactive cameras will be grayed out.

Please note active and inactive camera locations will continue to count as a location for your plan as we retain all the data for that location. To remove a camera you will need to delete the camera (select "edit" then the gray "Delete" button). Deleting a camera will delete all the data associated with that camera location.

If you're new to DeerLab's trail camera software this is one of many features to help you manage and analyze your trail camera photos (and cameras). Learn more about DeerLab.

Jon Livingston
Jon Livingston
Co-founder, DeerLab
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