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Trail Camera Photo Recognition and Auto-Tagging Now Available!

Posted by Jon Livingston


Today we're extremely excited to release a major update that automatically tags your trail cam photos using photo recognition.

You heard right!

Gone are the days of sorting through hundreds (even thousands!) of photos showing blowing grass, rain, squirrels and other false positives.

If you’re tired of wasting time weeding through false-positive photos you might be a little giddy too!

With Auto-Tagging, you can sort your photos quickly and get a head start on identifying unique bucks (or whatever animal you’re looking for). It’s also a great way to easily filter groups of photos like all your turkeys, for example. And photos that don’t receive tags can be quickly deleted if desired.

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Mass Editing Trail Camera Timestamps

Posted by Jon Livingston


We’ve all been there. After pulling our trail camera SD cards, we run home, load them onto our computer, only to realize the timestamps are completely wrong. Either we didn’t account for Daylight Saving Time, the camera somehow defaulted back to its original settings (some three years earlier!), or we just forgot to set the time after changing batteries.

While DeerLab has allowed you to update a photo’s individual timestamp, we admit the process was a real pain when needing to do this for hundreds, if not thousands, of trail cam photos.

But we have good news. Those days are over!

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Moon Phase Reports for Bucks

Posted by Jon Livingston


Does deer activity change from one moon phase to another? How about during certain daylight hours of moon phases? Do all bucks move the same way during specific phases or do they move differently due to their own unique personality?

Deer activity, or the lack of activity, during particular moon phases is probably being debated as you read this. Some swear by it and won't hunt without certain moon conditions while others think it’s a joke. No matter what side you lean on DeerLab's new Moon Phase reports will provide data specific to your bucks, allowing you to come to your own conclusions.

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Manage Trail Camera Locations with Ease

Posted by Jon Livingston


Sometimes managing where your trail cameras are can be a pain, especially if you’re moving them around to target particular bucks, or if you have a number of cams on one or more properties. Once you start using over 10 cameras it becomes quite a chore. Some DeerLab customers have over 200 cams. Can you imagine?

To help hunters manage their cams, as well as all their photos, stats, and reports from various camera locations, we just released a new feature called Camera Statuses that's now available in everyone's account. Check out this short video tutorial to see how Camera Statuses work.

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See How Bucks Move with Different Wind Directions and Speeds

Posted by Jon Livingston


There's several whitetail studies around on how wind affects or doesn't affect the pattern of deer movement. Some studies say they do, some say they don't. No matter the findings, the reports usually come from a property several states away.

If only they did a wind study on the property you hunt!

Well, DeerLab now puts the data in your hands. We just released a new feature allowing you to see if wind affects your profiled bucks. You get to decide.

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How DeerLab Patterns Bucks

Posted by Jon Livingston


Behind the scenes DeerLab crunches data for hundreds of thousands of trail camera photos. For every photo we extract the timestamp, which in turn lets us pull numerous weather data points from your local weather station, calculate the appropriate moon phase, etc. This data provides an immense amount of benefits and is very valuable when trying to understand activity patterns for specific bucks.

Unlike other apps out there that give you stats from all your trail cam photos, DeerLab's takes a number of factors into account. Why? Not doing so would have you sitting in the wrong stand and the wrong time.

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Create and Share Trail Camera Photo Websites with DeerLab’s Albums

Posted by Jon Livingston

Share Trail Camera Photos

DeerLab is excited to announce the release of Albums, a first-of-its-kind feature which enables hunters to easily create and share public websites showcasing their trail camera photos managed by DeerLab’s web-app.

Outfitters, hunt leases and avid trail camera owners now have a simple way to publish their trail camera photos. Best of all, multiple Albums can be created to show only specific groups of photos. You can make an album of hit-list bucks or just display one or more tagged photos.

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Patterning Buck Movements with Trail Camera Photos: Introducing Buck Profiles

Posted by Jon Livingston


If you can predict a buck’s movement you will undoubtedly improve your odds in harvesting one. But patterning a buck’s movement is difficult. Especially a mature buck. While we know they mostly move at dawn and dusk they are still elusive. And unique. One buck’s daily movements might be completely different than another buck’s movements.

There’s been some fascinating GPS-based whitetail research that highlights these facts. Matt Ross, a wildlife biologist with QDMA, summarized some compelling mature buck movement findings which are a must-read for the avid hunter.

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