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Postseason Trail Camera Strategies

Christmas has come and gone and your deer season has most likely come to a close. So now what? Well, don’t put your trail cameras away just yet. Even though the whitetail hunting season may be over (or close to it for most areas), you can still learn a lot about the bucks in your area.

More specifically, whether or not they lived to see another year. When it comes to late-season trail camera use, one factor will increase your odds of collecting the most data; food.

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Trail Camera Photo Recognition and Auto-Tagging Now Available!

Today we're extremely excited to release a major update that automatically tags your trail cam photos using photo recognition.

You heard right!

Gone are the days of sorting through hundreds (even thousands!) of photos showing blowing grass, rain, squirrels and other false positives.

If you’re tired of wasting time weeding through false-positive photos you might be a little giddy too!

With Auto-Tagging, you can sort your photos quickly and get a head start on identifying unique bucks (or whatever animal you’re looking for). It’s also a great way to easily filter groups of photos like all your turkeys, for example. And photos that don’t receive tags can be quickly deleted if desired.

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Tree Stand Location Tactics for Hunting Whitetails

Choosing a tree stand location is a decision that should never be taken lightly. There are several factors that can make or break a new tree stand location. When it comes to investing hours in one spot waiting for a mature buck to cross your path, there are ways that you can stack the odds in your favor by combining several important factors. Here are my favorite 3 tactics for choosing your next tree stand location.

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Whitetail Waterhole Tips to Define Deer Movement

One of the simplest and most effective ways to define deer movement is through the installation of strategically placed waterholes. With just a few supplies and a little sweat, you can have a waterhole filled and ready to become an integral part of the local whitetail’s daily movement. The size of the tank you’ll need depends on how you’ll keep the waterhole filled.

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Mass Editing Trail Camera Timestamps

We’ve all been there. After pulling our trail camera SD cards, we run home, load them onto our computer, only to realize the timestamps are completely wrong. Either we didn’t account for Daylight Saving Time, the camera somehow defaulted back to its original settings (some three years earlier!), or we just forgot to set the time after changing batteries.

While DeerLab has allowed you to update a photo’s individual timestamp, we admit the process was a real pain when needing to do this for hundreds, if not thousands, of trail cam photos.

But we have good news. Those days are over!

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3 Hunting Strategies For Taming The October Lull

The flury of the early season is so incredibly anticipated and leaves so incredibly fast. It's hasty retreat has a nasty habitat of dragging buck sightings and trail cam pictures along with it, while ushering in the dreaded October Lull. A great deer hunting parcel is a chunk of ground that can be hunted during the entire season and not just during the rut. So before you become depressed over the lull and the lack of mature buck activity that goes along with it, consider these 3 October Lull busting strategies for maximizing your hunting activities this Fall:

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Moon Phase Reports for Bucks

Does deer activity change from one moon phase to another? How about during certain daylight hours of moon phases? Do all bucks move the same way during specific phases or do they move differently due to their own unique personality?

Deer activity, or the lack of activity, during particular moon phases is probably being debated as you read this. Some swear by it and won't hunt without certain moon conditions while others think it’s a joke. No matter what side you lean on DeerLab's new Moon Phase reports will provide data specific to your bucks, allowing you to come to your own conclusions.

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Patterning Bucks After Summer with Your Trail Cameras

Minerals and food. That’s the secret (not quite a secret) to capturing trail camera pictures of the bucks on your property during the summer months. For most of us, we run cameras all summer long and drool over photos when our trail cams show us what bucks are on our properties. This goes on roughly until about the middle of September, and then a switch flips, and those bucks that you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures of seem to vanish. Your cameras go absolutely dead, leaving you wondering where all your big bucks went. What happens during this time of year is a habitat, or a core home range shift.

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