Lower Pricing, More Photos and Trail Cameras Plus Annual Plans

By Jon Livingston. Tags: Product News

Over the past couple of months we’ve been getting more and more feedback from hunters that have a lot of trail camera photos. They keep on piling up, don’t they? We’ve been listening and are excited to announce all DeerLab plans now include double the amount of photo storage.

For our cheapest plan you can have up to 10,000 saved photos and our largest plan has been bumped up to 100,000 saved photos. If you happen to need more than 100,000 photos we can accommodate that as well. Just contact us.

What does the saved photo limit mean? Since we’ve added a way to easily delete multiple trail camera photos at once deleted photos won’t be added to your photo count. So, if you delete 1,000 photos you will have an additional 1,000 photos to add.

More Cameras and Properties

In addition we have bumped up the number of cameras you can use as well as the number of properties for those that hunt in multiple locations.

If you signed up before these changes your account will now reflect the new photo, camera and property quotas.

Every Plan Just Got Cheaper

That’s not a typo. All plan prices just got cheaper! Seriously. If you don’t believe us see our new pricing page.

New Annual Plans Now Available

And last but not least we’ve added an annual plan option that can reduce your month-to-month pricing by up to 20%.

Why all these changes? We want everyone to have the ability of use the tools DeerLab offers. Managing trail camera photos takes a lot of time and our goal is to speed up the process and take the pain out of it. Why drudge through a lot of folders trying to figure out where or when a particular deer shows his face when you can use easy-to-use tools to filter your photos however you want.

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