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Bow Shooting Tips for Must Make Shooting Scenarios

Posted by Steve Flores


In my opinion, releasing an arrow at a trophy-caliber whitetail might be one of the most pressure packed, throat-tightening events you will ever experience. Think about the endless hours spent scouting, hanging stands and tuning gear, all in the hopes of getting just one shot at the buck of your dreams.

Now, consider that if all of that hard work and preparation does finally lead to an encounter, that encounter will likely only last a minute or two; most likely less. And in that brief moment, all of your whitetail hopes and dreams will either be won or lost. It all comes down to one thing….can you make the shot?

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Walk Back Tuning Your Bow

Posted by Steve Flores


As I write this I am knee deep in testing a few different products in the hopes they will help me fill my whitetail tags this fall. Most recently, I dove into a few different broadheads for an upcoming big-game hunt. In the midst of the testing I realized two important procedures that I had neglected to perform on my bow. One was walkback bow tuning my arrow rest and the other was setting the 2nd and 3rd Axis on my bow sight.

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8 Trail Camera Tips That Will Help Produce Better Results

Posted by Steve Flores


There is no denying that trail cameras can be an effective scouting tool which can lead to the demise of your biggest whitetail buck ever or simply a little more meat in your freezer. However, if your game camera isn’t used properly it won’t deliver either one. Here’s 8 trail camera tips that will help you get better results this year.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Painting a Mathews NOCAM HTR Bow

Posted by Steve Flores


I’ve always been a tinkerer. I think that’s why bowhunting appeals to me so much. There is always something to adjust, test or just play around with when it comes to archery and bowhunting. Most recently, this “playing around” included altering the camo pattern on my bow.

While the previous camo was fine I simply wanted to create something that would blend in better with my surroundings. I also wanted something that no one else had - a UA Ridge Reaper Mathews NOCAM HTR bow. So, I gathered a few items and began to layout the frame work for how I would accomplish my goal.

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5 Ways To Spook Bucks With Your Trail Cameras

Posted by Steve Flores

Checking Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a great scouting tool and have certainly led to the demise of more than a few trophy bucks over the last decade or so. However, as good as they are at getting you closer to that buck of your dreams, they are equally effective at ruining your entire whitetail setup. Well, actually the trail camera isn’t to blame. You are. Here are 5 ways you can actually spook the very buck you’re chasing when using a trail cameras.

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Choosing the Best Trail Cameras for You

Posted by Steve Flores

Best trail cameras

Over the past several years perhaps no other item in the whitetail world has made the impact that trail cameras have. These diminutive tools have essentially changed the way we scout and pattern bucks - in a big way. But, given the massive number of trail cameras available, choosing the right one is no easy task. However, if you consider the following options you are sure to find the best trail cameras for you.

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Bowhunting Turkey Gear Tips

Posted by Steve Flores


Sure, a lot of guys go after turkey with a scatter gun. However, if you want to make a tough hunt even tougher, try it with archery gear. Bowhunting turkey is without a doubt one of the most demanding, yet most exciting experiences you can have in the spring woods. But, before you try to call in a “Thunder Chicken” and close the deal with stick and string there are a few gear options that you should consider.

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Choosing the Best Compound Bow for You

Posted by Steve Flores


As an outdoor writer and a pro-staff member of one of the leading compound bow manufacturers in the world I’m often asked which bow I shoot. That question is typically followed up with “what compound bow do you think is the best”? The simple answer to that loaded question is “the bow you shoot the best”. It really is that simple.

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Turkey Hunting with Trail Cameras: Tips & Tactics

Posted by Jon Livingston


If you don’t utilize trail cameras year-round it’s time to dust them off and fire ‘em up for turkey season. While trail cameras are primarily used for whitetail throughout the east and midwest, they’re also a great tool to dramatically increase your odds of taking home a gobbler. Locating areas and setting up trail cameras for turkey, however, is a bit different than doing so for whitetails.

Here's a collection of tips and tactics to help you locate, hang, configure and document your trail cameras and turkey photos.

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