Hunting Strategy

Preparing for the Whitetail Rut

Posted on by Steve Flores


I know, it’s September, so why are we discussing the November whitetail rut? Good question. It really boils down to getting things done while you have time to get things done. And while most articles will focus on what to do during the rut, I’m going to discuss what you can do now in order to be ready for every whitetail hunters favorite time of year.

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Early Season Trail Camera Strategies

Posted on by Steve Flores


Summer is quickly coming to a close and with that comes the opening day of bow season; accompanied by a lot of good intentions and well laid plans. If your game plan doesn’t involve scouting cameras - it should. If it does, here are some early season trail camera strategies to incorporate so that you can get the most out of your surveillance efforts.

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See How Bucks Move with Different Wind Directions and Speeds

Posted on by Jon Livingston


There's several whitetail studies around on how wind affects or doesn't affect the pattern of deer movement. Some studies say they do, some say they don't. No matter the findings, the reports usually come from a property several states away.

If only they did a wind study on the property you hunt!

Well, DeerLab now puts the data in your hands. We just released a new feature allowing you to see if wind affects your profiled bucks. You get to decide.

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Tips for Using Wind to Hunt Mature Bucks

Posted on by Steve Flores


Most whitetail hunters understand the importance of playing the wind. Deer live and die by their noses so it only makes sense.

Mature bucks are constantly using the wind in order to detect danger and find food (even love). Knowing how they do it during certain times of the year could really make a difference in getting that once in a lifetime shot….or no shot at all.

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Trail Camera Placement Strategies Using Topographic Maps

Posted on by Steve Flores


Recently one of my Instagram followers asked me to share with him a few pointers with regard to topo maps. Specifically, how I use them and what I typically look for when hanging a stand. Immediately I saw the connection between hanging stands and hanging scouting cameras. After all, what good is it to hang a stand without first knowing exactly what type of deer are roaming the area? So, as much as this blog is about hanging treestands, it’s even more about finding great locations to hang your trail camera.

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5 Ways To Spook Bucks With Your Trail Cameras

Posted on by Steve Flores

Checking Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a great scouting tool and have certainly led to the demise of more than a few trophy bucks over the last decade or so. However, as good as they are at getting you closer to that buck of your dreams, they are equally effective at ruining your entire whitetail setup. Well, actually the trail camera isn’t to blame. You are. Here are 5 ways you can actually spook the very buck you’re chasing when using a trail cameras.

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Bowhunting Turkey Gear Tips

Posted on by Steve Flores


Sure, a lot of guys go after turkey with a scatter gun. However, if you want to make a tough hunt even tougher, try it with archery gear. Bowhunting turkey is without a doubt one of the most demanding, yet most exciting experiences you can have in the spring woods. But, before you try to call in a “Thunder Chicken” and close the deal with stick and string there are a few gear options that you should consider.

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5 Keys To Killing Public Land Bucks

Posted on by Steve Flores


If you’re like the majority of whitetail hunters out there then you don’t have access to hundreds of acres of prime hunting land or a deer herd with the ideal age-structure to foster trophy whitetails. Heck, a lot of public land locations do good to produce 4 yr. old bucks. However, all is not lost. You can still be successful on public land; on mature whitetails too! What’s the secret? Read on...

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