Hunting Strategy

Postseason Trail Camera Strategies

Posted by Steve Flores


Christmas has come and gone and your deer season has most likely come to a close. So now what? Well, don’t put your trail cameras away just yet. Even though the whitetail hunting season may be over (or close to it for most areas), you can still learn a lot about the bucks in your area.

More specifically, whether or not they lived to see another year. When it comes to late-season trail camera use, one factor will increase your odds of collecting the most data; food.

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Tree Stand Location Tactics for Hunting Whitetails

Posted by Jeff Sturgis


Choosing a tree stand location is a decision that should never be taken lightly. There are several factors that can make or break a new tree stand location. When it comes to investing hours in one spot waiting for a mature buck to cross your path, there are ways that you can stack the odds in your favor by combining several important factors. Here are my favorite 3 tactics for choosing your next tree stand location.

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Whitetail Waterhole Tips to Define Deer Movement

Posted by Jeff Sturgis


One of the simplest and most effective ways to define deer movement is through the installation of strategically placed waterholes. With just a few supplies and a little sweat, you can have a waterhole filled and ready to become an integral part of the local whitetail’s daily movement. The size of the tank you’ll need depends on how you’ll keep the waterhole filled.

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3 Hunting Strategies For Taming The October Lull

Posted by Jeff Sturgis


The flury of the early season is so incredibly anticipated and leaves so incredibly fast. It's hasty retreat has a nasty habitat of dragging buck sightings and trail cam pictures along with it, while ushering in the dreaded October Lull. A great deer hunting parcel is a chunk of ground that can be hunted during the entire season and not just during the rut. So before you become depressed over the lull and the lack of mature buck activity that goes along with it, consider these 3 October Lull busting strategies for maximizing your hunting activities this Fall:

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Patterning Bucks After Summer with Your Trail Cameras

Posted by Alex Comstock


Minerals and food. That’s the secret (not quite a secret) to capturing trail camera pictures of the bucks on your property during the summer months. For most of us, we run cameras all summer long and drool over photos when our trail cams show us what bucks are on our properties. This goes on roughly until about the middle of September, and then a switch flips, and those bucks that you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures of seem to vanish. Your cameras go absolutely dead, leaving you wondering where all your big bucks went. What happens during this time of year is a habitat, or a core home range shift.

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Buck Recognition: Core or Non Core Buck?

Posted by Jeff Sturgis


Practicing buck recognition through several methods is critical if your desire is to successfully target a specific mature buck this Fall. While that concept may seem rather obvious, your efforts should extend well beyond a pretty picture from a trail camera or an in-the-field observation of an evening feeding giant. In fact what you decide to do with that little picture of intel can contribute greatly to filling your tag or not.

One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself is, "Where is he now, and where will he be Then".

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Creating Mineral Sites to Encourage Daytime Buck Movements

Posted by Steve Flores


Ask any avid bowhunter what he/she is doing right now and you will likely get an answer that deals with either planting whitetail food plots, distributing supplemental whitetail feed or starting and maintaining a whitetail mineral site. And, while much has been written on each, I would like to discuss why simply throwing out a mineral block with little thought about deer movement isn’t going to cut it. I would also like to talk about why that whitetail mineral block might not be what your local deer herd needs.

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Hunting Late Season Mature Bucks

Posted by Steve Flores


I’m staring at the screen as I write this with an unfilled tag in my pocket. However, I’m not about to give up on my dream of killing a Mature Buck before my season ends on December 31st. To do so I’ve got to change a few of my tactics. If you are in the same boat as me then consider these Late-Season, Mature Buck Hunting strategies.

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Pre-Rut Trail Camera Tactics

Posted by Steve Flores


Right now the big question is “when are the does going to come into estrus and when will the bucks start actively pursuing them”? I wish I had the answers. Honestly, there are too many variables involved to spew out a definitive response. However, what I can tell you is that if you get aggressive with your trail camera placement you just might find the answers for yourself. Here are some thoughts to consider when using your trail camera to hunt down a pre-rut buck.

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Using Trail Cameras To Locate Post Summer Bucks

Posted by Steve Flores


It’s a tough pill to swallow but every year thousands of bowhunters are faced with the daunting task of relocating those once unguarded bucks that filled up SD cards and imaginations during the lazy days of summer.

It is almost a guarantee that once velvet is shed that buck you thought you had patterned suddenly vanishes into thin air. This is even truer as the calendar folds into the dreaded October lull. But where do this once highly visible bucks go? That’s the million dollar question that so many of us try to answer each year; myself included.

Honestly, there are a few theories on the subject but I don’t think a lot of hunters know why. No matter the reason, the focus of this article is methods you can use in conjunction with your trail camera in order to relocate these bucks. Here are some thoughts to consider.

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