Improved Photo Processing and Filtering

Improved Photo Processing and Filtering

Today I wanted to share an update we’ve made on how we process the photos you upload. While not the sexiest update, this fits right into our goal of saving you time when dealing with trail camera photos.

In the past, when uploading photos to a specific camera, we would show a “Processing” graphic instead of the actual photo if it had an issue or was currently being processed. 99.9% of the time, the photo would update and appear. Still, in rare circumstances, if the photo was missing Exif data (where the time stamp resides), or if it was corrupt, our processing graphic would just become an eyesore in your photo gallery.

To save you time organizing trail camera photos that don’t have time stamps or are corrupt, we now automatically filter them as either Completed (Time Stamp Found), Incomplete (Time Stamp Missing), In-Process (Currently Syncing Weather), or Corrupt. Here’s some more information about each status.

Completed (Time Stamp Found)

99.9% of your photos will fall into this category. When they do, your photos are automatically added to that camera’s photo gallery.

Incomplete (Time Stamp Missing)

If a photo doesn’t have Exif data (which includes the timestamp) attached, we add this status and filter them out of the main photo gallery. DeerLab’s current features and future features are based on data we pull from weather stations and the data provided in your photos. Since we need the time stamp, we do not tabulate stats for these photos, so you don't have to worry about skewed stats.

On a side note, our help section has documented some of the reasons photos have missing time stamps. This includes Apple blocking Exif data when uploading photos on an iPad).

If you have photos that don’t have timestamps, we’ll let you know with a message similar to this:

Exif data missing from photo

If at any time you want to view these photos, you can go into the “Filter Photos” area and select the appropriate option in the “Processing Status” drop-down.

Photo Processing Status

In Process (Syncing Weather)

For photos that have a time stamp but haven’t been synced to a weather station, we mark them as “In Process.” Once weather information is imported to the photo, it will be moved to the photo gallery and marked as completed. You will rarely see this since weather syncing happens pretty quickly.

Corrupt Files

If you happen to upload a corrupt file to DeerLab, we will go ahead and delete it before it ever hits your photo gallery. In the past, these files have shown up in your photo gallery. Now they don’t.

While the majority of the time, you will never see this behind the scene process, we thought you might want to know just in case you upload photos that have issues. If you have any questions, get in touch by using our live chat at the bottom right of any page.

Jon Livingston
Jon Livingston
Co-founder, DeerLab
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