Trail Cameras

Postseason Trail Camera Strategies

Posted by Steve Flores


Christmas has come and gone and your deer season has most likely come to a close. So now what? Well, don’t put your trail cameras away just yet. Even though the whitetail hunting season may be over (or close to it for most areas), you can still learn a lot about the bucks in your area.

More specifically, whether or not they lived to see another year. When it comes to late-season trail camera use, one factor will increase your odds of collecting the most data; food.

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Patterning Bucks After Summer with Your Trail Cameras

Posted by Alex Comstock


Minerals and food. That’s the secret (not quite a secret) to capturing trail camera pictures of the bucks on your property during the summer months. For most of us, we run cameras all summer long and drool over photos when our trail cams show us what bucks are on our properties. This goes on roughly until about the middle of September, and then a switch flips, and those bucks that you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures of seem to vanish. Your cameras go absolutely dead, leaving you wondering where all your big bucks went. What happens during this time of year is a habitat, or a core home range shift.

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Deer Camera Survey Says…

Posted by Bob Humphrey


Trail cameras have a variety of uses, most of which involve trying to track the movement of specific bucks. However, the advent of quality deer management has spawned a new generation of hunter-conservationist interested in more than just hunting. They also want to manage their land and the animals on it for maximum sustained yield. For them, the trail camera has yet another quite useful application.

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Pre-Rut Trail Camera Tactics

Posted by Steve Flores


Right now the big question is “when are the does going to come into estrus and when will the bucks start actively pursuing them”? I wish I had the answers. Honestly, there are too many variables involved to spew out a definitive response. However, what I can tell you is that if you get aggressive with your trail camera placement you just might find the answers for yourself. Here are some thoughts to consider when using your trail camera to hunt down a pre-rut buck.

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Using Trail Cameras To Locate Post Summer Bucks

Posted by Steve Flores


It’s a tough pill to swallow but every year thousands of bowhunters are faced with the daunting task of relocating those once unguarded bucks that filled up SD cards and imaginations during the lazy days of summer.

It is almost a guarantee that once velvet is shed that buck you thought you had patterned suddenly vanishes into thin air. This is even truer as the calendar folds into the dreaded October lull. But where do this once highly visible bucks go? That’s the million dollar question that so many of us try to answer each year; myself included.

Honestly, there are a few theories on the subject but I don’t think a lot of hunters know why. No matter the reason, the focus of this article is methods you can use in conjunction with your trail camera in order to relocate these bucks. Here are some thoughts to consider.

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Early Season Trail Camera Strategies

Posted by Steve Flores


Summer is quickly coming to a close and with that comes the opening day of bow season; accompanied by a lot of good intentions and well laid plans. If your game plan doesn’t involve scouting cameras - it should. If it does, here are some early season trail camera strategies to incorporate so that you can get the most out of your surveillance efforts.

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Trail Camera Placement Strategies Using Topographic Maps

Posted by Steve Flores


Recently one of my Instagram followers asked me to share with him a few pointers with regard to topo maps. Specifically, how I use them and what I typically look for when hanging a stand. Immediately I saw the connection between hanging stands and hanging scouting cameras. After all, what good is it to hang a stand without first knowing exactly what type of deer are roaming the area? So, as much as this blog is about hanging treestands, it’s even more about finding great locations to hang your trail camera.

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8 Trail Camera Tips That Will Help Produce Better Results

Posted by Steve Flores


There is no denying that trail cameras can be an effective scouting tool which can lead to the demise of your biggest whitetail buck ever or simply a little more meat in your freezer. However, if your game camera isn’t used properly it won’t deliver either one. Here’s 8 trail camera tips that will help you get better results this year.

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Trail Camera Placement Strategies for Different Times of the Year

Posted by Steve Flores


It’s no secret to deer hunters that as the season progresses things change. Food sources, travel routes, available cover and stand placement (just to name a few) all change with the turning of the calendar. So why would anyone think it was a good idea to keep their trail camera hanging in the same location year round? They shouldn’t.

If you’ve made the mistake of leaving your trail cameras hanging on the same tree from opening day until post-rut then it’s time to start looking at the calendar and designing a better trail camera strategy for different seasons.

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