Take Control of Your Trail Camera Photos with Mass Tagging and Deleting

Take Control of Your Trail Camera Photos with Mass Tagging and Deleting

We just deployed an exciting new release to DeerLab (for all plans) that allows you to easily tag and delete multiple trail camera photos at once. Mass editing dramatically speeds up the process of organizing your trail camera photos and lays the groundwork for even larger features we are currently developing.

Here's a quick video on how mass tagging and deleting works...

So why is tagging important?

Lets say you want to see all the photos of “Laurel” and “Hardy”, two young bucks you want to keep a close eye on for the next few years. Tagging them by their names will allow you to identify who they are so you can easily find them. In addition you’ll be able to filter their pictures by times, weather data, camera locations, etc. Tagging photos allow you to make DeerLab an incredibly powerful tool. Gone are the days of trying to find specific photos in folders, and subfolders… and subfolders.

Adding or Removing Tags at Once

Adding or removing tags from photos is drop-dead simple. Just go to a camera’s photos and start tagging. You can even filter photos first, then tag that set of photos. If you have a lot of photos on multiple pages we even remember your preferences, saving you time so you don’t have to reenter additional information.

Deleting Multiple Photos at Once

While each DeerLab plan has photo limits you’ll still be able to delete photos you don’t want. Deleting photos not only will clean up what you’re looking at it will also allow you to add additional “must have” photos in the future.

We believe you're going to love these mass photo editing features. If you're not a subscriber take them for a spin with our free 30-day trial. When you test them out let us know what you think. Understanding patterns is key to improving your odds and now it's easier than ever.

Jon Livingston
Jon Livingston
Co-founder, DeerLab
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