New Trail Camera Photo Viewer

By Jon Livingston. Tags: Product News

We’ve recently made a couple of updates to improve DeerLab’s camera photo gallery experience.

Sometimes you just want to quickly scan larger photos. Now you can with DeerLab’s new Photo Viewer. When viewing photos from a specific camera just select a photo to see a larger view. You can then select the left side of the photo to see more recent photos or the right side to see older photos. You can even use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to quickly scroll through all your photos.

The Photo Viewer works with filters as well so if you want to quickly scan through specific photos you can.

To view weather for a particular photo just select the “View Photo & Weather Details” button right below each photo in the viewer.

Here’s a short video showing the photo viewer in action.

Trail Cam Photos Now Grouped by Month

We’ve also added a visual time reference to the camera photo gallery by automatically separating photos by month (as seen in the above video). While a small update this really helps you to quickly see when the photos were taken without having to drill into a photo.

Try the new trail camera photo viewer out and let us know what you think!

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