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From photo recognition to tracking individual animals, DeerLab’s trail camera app saves you time, is easy to use, and works with all trail cameras.
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Before DeerLab:

Photos were, well, just photos. They were confined in folders, disorganized, hard-to-find, uncategorized, and often on different devices and computers.
A trail camera photo of a turkey in the morning fogA very large Ohio trophy buck caught on an Exodus trail cameraA large whitetail buck photographed by a trail cameraTwo does and a fawn in the woodsA large buck walking in the woods during the middle of the nightTurkeys strutting in a fieldA bachelor group of white-tail bucksThree bucks during summer months

After DeerLab:

You can now understand when and where animals are moving, profile individual animals, filter and tag photos, track camera locations, edit timestamps, and so much more.
DeerLab's trail camera app filtering photos of bucksDeerLab's trail camera app filtering photos of bucks

Start making data-driven decisions with your trail cam pics.

Pattern Individual Animals or Groups of Animals

DeerLab makes it drop-dead simple to track specific animals or groups of animals using your trail camera photos. Profiles allow you to understand patterns by date ranges, times, and camera locations. A few reports include:

Pie graph highlighting camera sightings for trail cameras

Camera Sightings

Understand what camera locations animals are visiting and filter results by dates and cameras.

Line graph showing the difference between camera sightings and camera photos.

Photo Log

Quickly see active days of a  animal in a dated timeline, sorted by photos and sightings.

Pie graph showing wind direction and wind speed

Wind Direction & Speed

How does the wind direction and speed affect movement? See for yourself. Filter by date range, time, wind and cameras.

Bar graph showing deer sightings by moon phase

Moon Phases

Does the moon phase have an impact on movement? See first hand based, using your own aggregated data.

Pie graph showing times deer are seen during the day

Time of Day Sightings

Understand tendencies of animals during daylight hunting hours. Powerful insights to help your hunt.

Bar graph showing various temperature ranges that animals are being seen.

Temperature Ranges

See how temperature ranges affect movements for one particular animal, like a tagged buck, or a group of animals.

Let Photo Recognition Save You Time

Gone are the days of sorting through thousands of photos showing blowing grass, rain, squirrels, and other false positives. DeerLab's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm automatically tags photos of your bucks, does, turkeys, hogs, bears, and more so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

“I’ve been using DeerLab for the past 3-4 years and couldn’t be happier with the results. Organizing thousands of photos in detail will tell you a story in itself and to be able to gather that kind of intel can be deadly! It’s no coincidence that the 2 largest deer ever taken were killed the past 2 seasons.”
DeerLab customer Ryan Benton of Alabama
Ryan Benton
Whitetail fanatic in Alabama
Trail camera image showing photo recognition of white-tail deer.

Learn the best times to hunt specific animals

Using historical, aggregated data from your photos is extremely helpful when deciding when and where to hunt. DeerLab's profiles bring it all together with easy-to-view and understand reports. The data behind the photos can drastically improve results compared to just looking at photos.

Want to know how a particular buck moved last year during a specific date range? Profiles can provide that data!

“DeerLab allowed me to easily track the movements of a world-record 288-inch Ohio buck, the second-biggest archery whitetail ever. The data gave me more time to focus on other tactics as well, which would later allow me to harvest the most incredible deer that I've ever had the opportunity to hunt!"
Dan Coffman
Dan Coffman
Whitetail fanatic in Ohio
Chart showing deer sightings by time of day for all trail cameras on a property.

Visually Track Animal Movement

DeerLab's Heat Maps allow you to visually see how profiled animals move at certain times of the year. Besides being addictive, you'll start to see patterns on your property that you might have overlooked just viewing photos.

Tip: Create a profile for a mature buck you're after, then filter the view from last year's photos during daytime hours.

“DeerLab has brought the power of data analytics to our cameras. We run 16 cameras on 1,000 acres and without DeerLab we have been so overwhelmed by the volume of photos that we weren’t able to put the pieces together. With DeerLab, we draw those connections!”
DeerLab customer Mike Crockett of Virginia
Mike Crockett
Whitetail fanatic in Virginia
Satellite heat map showing where animals have been.

Manage Multiple Properties and Cameras

DeerLab is perfect for individual hunters, property owners, hunt clubs, hunting leases, outfitters, and wildlife biologists. No matter how many cameras and properties you have, our satellite views make it a breeze to understand where specific cameras are.

If you move cameras around your property, you can even highlight which camera locations are active and which aren't.

“DeerLab has helped us see patterns and tendencies that we would never otherwise have seen by simply looking at cam pics. You can learn more about your property's routes and ranges in a year with this program as you would in many years of normal pics and information you retain from them.”
DeerLab customer Eric Tanner of Arkansas
Eric Tanner
Whitetail fanatic in Arkansas
Chart showing trail camera locations from DeerLab's trail camera software

Easily Filter Photos by Weather, Dates, Cameras and More

Stop drudging through folders trying to find specific photos. DeerLab's intelligent filtering system allows you to find trail camera photos that match your criteria easily.

Screenshot of DeerLab's photo filter and the various options you can filter photos by.

Quickly Zoom In and Tag Your Photos

While DeerLab will automatically tag photos of bucks, does, turkeys, bear, hogs, and people, you will also have the ability to create one or more tags, per photo, with our intuitive tagging tools.

Zoom into photos and use your mouse or keyboard to quickly go through a set of filtered photos. Tags are automatically saved once added, but we also have a tag removal tool, as well as settings that can bypass tags if desired.

“The best way that we have found to organize our pictures and lay the foundation for our yearly strategy, is by using DeerLab, which we recommend to all of our clients, viewers, and readers.”
Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Jeff Sturgis
Habitat Design Specialist, Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Tag mode that allows customers to tag photosTrail camera photos and zoom feature for tagging animals.Tagging field allowing you to add custom tags for trail camera photos.

View Historic Weather Data from Your Area

DeerLab takes weather data to a whole new level. Every photo with an embedded timestamp will receive additional weather detail, including wind direction and speed, specific weather conditions, the sunrise and sunset times, and barometric pressure, even if your camera doesn't capture this information.

“DeerLab is a great tool to inventory deer and also keep track of certain bucks. It keeps track of all your local weather taking all the work out of keeping track of it yourself.”
Brad Haase
Brad Haase
Whitetail fanatic in Wisconsin
Screenshot of DeerLab's trail camera software showing weather data for a photo.

Mass Edit Incorrect Photo Timestamps

There's nothing worse than getting home and realizing your camera's date and time is off. DeerLab not only allows you to change individual timestamps, but you can change thousands of photos at once with a click of a button. It's super easy, and we'll automatically pull in weather data for the correct times for each photo, almost instantaneously.

“Best way ever to store all your deer photos in one place. Really simple to use & the ability to tag & track your deer heard is Awesome!”
Bo Clark
Bo Clark
Whitetail fanatic in Kentucky
Correct timestamps on trail camera photos

Create Digital Albums of Your Tagged Photos

Land managers, outfitters, hunt leases, coops, and wildlife biologists now have a simple way to publish online "Albums" of their trail camera photos, without sharing sensitive information like property maps, camera locations, and data.

It's as easy as adding a title, selecting one or more tags, and hitting, "Create an Album." Albums are a perfect tool to show hit-list bucks with others.

“Best service out there for managing photos!! Can’t wait to have multiple years of inventory.”
Doug Otto
Doug Otto
Whitetail fanatic in Missouri
Digital album for trail camera photosDigital album showing trail camera photos of hit list bucks.

Use different trail cam brands? No problem. DeerLab works with them all.

DeerLab takes SD cards or photos already on your computer. It’s as easy as dropping and dragging your trail camera photos into DeerLab.

Join 1,000’s of hunters and get more out of your trail cameras.

Logan Dredske
Logan Dredske

I recommend DeerLab because of the time savings it offers. I used to look at trail camera pictures and try to go back and figure out what the weather conditions were at the time of the photo. That is very time-intensive. DeerLab does all that work for you. Each time you get a mature buck on camera, you are collecting data to understand how that buck uses your property.

Blake Moritz
Blake Moritz

We could not hunt effectively without DeerLab. My 3 brothers and I hunt on leased land close to our hometown in NE, but none of us live there anymore. We are spread out from NE to the East Coast. DeerLab solves our problem of being able to see what is going on at the hunting site without being there. Thanks to DeerLab we can scout before we arrive. Scout, Hunt, Eat... Great Stuff!!

Kent Pletcher
Kent Pletcher

I love DeerLab. It helps you monitor deer movement according to wind, moon, temps, etc. It will absolutely save you tons of time with a straightforward user interface and experience.

Craig Drury
Craig Drury

This is a beneficial and insightful program and my third season using the hunting app. I subscribed because I needed an organized way for our hunting group to have access to all the pictures I was collecting throughout the season. It has accomplished that, and the information coming out is a bonus. No more guessing a bucks core area. In year two, you could start noticing patterns starting to show true early in the third season. I run 20 cams on 600 acres, and it keeps me instantly organized.

Roger Nutt
Roger Nutt
South Carolina

DeerLab is a great tool for property managers to get a handle on what's really going on with their herd. For nearly 15 years, I've collected thousands and thousands of pictures but never really had the tool to analyze all the data I collected. DeerLab does all that for you... Times, winds, moon phases, camera locations... It's all analyzed for you in one simple-to-use package. All you have to do is collect the pictures (like you've always done) and then read the data on your favorite buck. Now you can hunt smarter, not harder. Great tool... Highly recommend.

Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher

A great tool to track deer, more specifically a deer you are targeting. Allows you to track deer through your trail camera photos. The interface is simple to use. Loads the weather conditions, wind conditions, moon phase, etc. based on the location of your photo. For anybody that is interested in hunting a specific deer, this is a must-have tool.

Isaac Owens
Isaac Owens
United States

DeerLab is outstanding. Being able to easily track different bucks throughout the season and year after year, as well as narrow down specific weather conditions that prompt movement from the local herd is amazing. No matter who swaps cards, everyone can stay updated with the photos. It's been a valuable asset.

Brent Wells
Brent Wells

I love DeerLab! We use it to store our game camera photos, but it does so much more. My favorite feature is how the system can recommend a stand location based on weather. That really helps our lease members decide where to hunt on those windy days... We tried it for 1 year, now it is a part of our annual budget and we love it.

Cody Beaver
Cody Beaver

DeerLab is awesome! I first purchased it a little over a year ago and have been using it ever since. It's easy to use and I love having access to my pictures anywhere I go. Whether your a beginner or a serious hunter this product will make you a better outdoorsman.

Nate Gonsoulin
Nate Gonsoulin

I absolutely love DeerLab! The best trail cam management system, period!

Darren West
Darren West

This is my second season using DeerLab. The trends it’s put together for me over the past season have drastically reduced the time it takes me to nail down the core area of my target deer. Also, the tendencies that it’s revealed about those deer are incredible! It adds a whole new level to trail camera scouting.

Lance Lee
Lance Lee

Our company has been using the DeerLab system for 2 years and absolutely loves our results. The system is so very easy to use and has allowed our staff to manage our wildlife population very effectively. We have multiple manufacturer trail cameras connected to our maps. The heat map feature has allowed us to track specific deer throughout the property. I would highly recommend the DeerLab system to anyone wanting to increase their hunting success. This system takes the guesswork out of where to place our hunters for success.

Dustin Prievo
Dustin Prievo

If you love trail cameras, inventory, and data, this is the software for you. Hands down DeerLab saves me time and money. I hunt both public and private properties and own a company that manages multiple properties. Our year-end reports for deer all come from the data collected within DeerLab but even if I was just a small parcel property, with one or two cameras, I could still benefit. My favorite feature is the heat map and movement graphs/charts. Over the course of three years now I can look back at previous data and see the projected times the majority of the deer move in correlation to weather, time of year, moon, and anything else you may not even think of. DeerLab is hands down a game-changer and as an outdoor writer for multiple magazines as well, I seldom use that word. Customer service is always on point and the software has never let me down, if I could give 10 out of 5 stars I would. A+++ software and company.

Jason Carter
Jason Carter

We have had great luck with DeerLab. We ran a 26 camera survey and it was very handy to keep track of each deer in the area they were traveling. We believe it will be a great tool to track young bucks in their progress for the next few years. We highly recommend deer lab in your management efforts.

Brandon Killough
Brandon Killough

I have been using DeerLab for two years now and it has entirely changed the way I hunt. I highly recommend this product and encourage everyone to give it a try. You will not be disappointed!