Will my trail or game cameras work with DeerLab?

DeerLab is compatible with all trail, game, security and scouting cameras that provide an electronic date and time stamp. DeerLab automatically syncs weather data and moon phases to every photo, even if your camera currently does not support these features. Supported trail camera manufacturers, as well as some of their recent trail camera models, include:

  • Big Game Treestands
    Mantis, Storm, Black Widow and Quick Shot
  • Browning
    Range Ops Series, Recon Force Series, Spec Ops Series, etc.
  • BuckEye Cam
    Orion and X Series
  • Bushnell
    Trophy Cam HD Max, Trophy Cam HD, NatureView Cam HD, Trophy Cam, X-8, Surveillance Camera Black LED, Surveillance Camera Low Glow
  • Cabela's
    Outfitter Series
  • Covert
    Special Ops Code Black, Extreme Black 60, Extreme Red 40, MP6 Black, MP-6, MP-E5 and older models
  • Cuddeback
    IR Cameras (Seen, Ambush IR, and Attack IR), No Glow Cameras (Ambush Black Flash and Attack Black Flash), White Flash Cameras (Ambush and Attack).
  • Eyecon (from Big Game Treestands)
    Mantis, Storm, Black Widow and Quick Shot
  • Hunten Outdoors
    GSC20, GSC22, GSC30, GSC35, GSC40, TactiX and older cameras
  • Leupold
    RCX-1 and RCX-2
  • Midland
  • Moultrie
    Panoramic 150, M-990i Mini, M-880 Mini Cam, D-555i, D-444, D-333, A-5, I-45S and older models
  • OldBoys Outdoors
    LTL-6210M, LTL-6210MC, LTL-5210M, and LTL-5210A
  • Primos
    Truth Cam Ultra, Truth Cam EL Blackout, Truth Cam Supercharged Blackout, Truth Cam Ultra Blackout, Truth Cam Model II, Turkey Tracker, Truth Cam Blackout
  • Reconyx
    PC900 Hyperfire, PC800 HyperFire, PC850 HyperFire, HC600 HyperFire, HC500 HyperFire, HC550 HyperFire White Flash LED
  • Rhino Outdoors
    MP-E5 and Covert MP6
  • Scoutguard
    SG560C, SG580M, and SG565
  • Simmons
    119234C, 119236C, 119421C, 119422C
  • Spypoint
    Infrared (FL-8, HD-7, I-6, Tiny-HD, Tiny-W2s), Black LEDs (BF-10HD, BF-6, BF-8, HD-12, Tiny-3, Tiny-W3), High Definition (BF-10HD, HD-12, HD-7, Tiny-HD, Tiny-W3), Cellular/Wireless (LIVE, LIVE-3G, TINY-W2s, TINY-W3, WiFi), and Special Edition (IR-6, FL-A, 2N1, D6, Eclypse, G4, M8, Tiny-7).
  • Stealth Cam by GSM Outdoors
    Unit X, Core, Skout 7, Sniper Shadow, Unit X Ops, Skout No Glo, 
  • Uway Outdoor
    Vigilant Hunter, NightXplorer, NightTrakker
  • Wildgame Innovations
    Pulse 10X, Red 4 Enhanced, AXE 2, Rage 4, Rage 6, Cruch Cam 8, Blade, Razor 6, Razor 8, Micro Crush Cam 10, Crush 12 Touch, Flash 4, Razor 6 Lightsout 6, Razer 6 Flash, Pulse 10X

Please note Day 6 Outdoor trail cameras, specifically the PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro, are not compatible with DeerLab due to their proprietary file formats. While you can export jpg photos, the GameFinder software reduces the file size and strips the EXIF data which includes the time stamp. We have contacted Day 6 Outdoors about this issue and will update this message if a solution is provided.

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