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Finally, hunting software that saves time, is easy-to-use, and works with all trail cams.

Learn When to Climb What Stands

DeerLab makes it drop-dead simple to track specific animals using your trail cam photos. Easy to read reports provide the times he's hitting cameras as well as which cameras are receiving the most activity. We even automatically group photos in 15-minute segments so cameras don't skew results (think food plot cams or cams set on burst mode vs cams that aren't).

Profiling unique bucks (or other animals) help you get the most from your cameras. Of course you'll still have to climb that tree, but picking the right stand and time becomes a whole lot easier.

Track and pattern bucks

Photo Recognition & Machine Learning for Your Trail Cam Photos

Gone are the days of sorting through hundreds (even thousands!) of photos showing blowing grass, rain, squirrels and other false positives.

DeerLab Auto-Tags your photos and sorts them so you can quickly get a head start on identifying unique bucks (or whatever animal you’re looking for).

All of this is done automatically when uploading your photos to DeerLab.

Photo recognition for your trail cameras

Receive Weather Data Trail Cameras Can't Capture

DeerLab takes weather data to a whole new level by automatically tapping into your closest weather stations. Every photo with a time stamp will receive additional details such as the wind direction and speed, specific weather conditions (like if it was raining, snowing or overcast), the sunrise and sunset times, what the temperature was, if the barometric pressure is falling or rising, etcetera, even if your camera doesn't capture this information.

And it doesn't even matter how old your photos are. As long as you have a timestamp you'll receive all the data.

Track and pattern mature bucks

Manage Multiple Cameras & Properties

DeerLab is perfect for individual hunters, property owners, hunt clubs, hunting leases, outfitters and wildlife biologists. No matter how many cameras and properties you have our satellite views make it a breeze to understand where specific cameras are.

If you move cameras around your property you can even highlight which camera locations are active and which aren't.

Locate Your Trail Cameras on Maps

Mass Edit Wrong Time Stamps

There's nothing worse than getting home and realizing your camera's date and time is off due to daylight saving time, camera malfunctions or just plain human error.

DeerLab not only allows you to change individual time stamps, you can now change thousands of photos at once with a click of the button. It's super easy, and we'll automatically pull in weather data for the correct times for each photo, almost instantaneously.

Edit trail camera time stamps

Know How Bucks Move During Certain Wind Directions and Speeds

Does that buck you’re tracking move more when the wind is out of the northwest? How about when the wind is over 20 mph? DeerLab helps take the guess work out of the equation. Now you’ll be able to track buck movements during specific wind directions and speeds. You’ll even be able to filter results by date ranges and cameras.

See how bucks move during wind conditions

Understand Patterns of Specific Bucks at Different Times

DeerLab's Heat Maps allow you to visually see how bucks move at certain times of the year. Besides being addictive, you'll start to see patterns on your property that you might have overlooked just viewing photos.

View Heat Maps of Your Bucks

Heat Maps to view your buck movements

Save a Ton of Time Managing All Your Trail Camera Photos

DeerLab automatically organizes all your photos by property, camera and date. In addition you'll be able to select and name multiple photos at once using our unique tagging features. For example, you can name specific bucks or give photos any name you want like buck, doe, turkey, bear, etc. These tags can then be filtered making it super easy to find what your looking for.

Say goodbye to all those folders and subfolders! You'll never look at your trail cam photos the same.

Track and pattern mature bucks

Easily Filter Photos by Weather, Dates, Cameras & More

Stop drudging through folders trying to find what you're looking for! DeerLab's smart filtering system allows you to easily find photos that match your criteria.

Filter Trail Camera Photos

View Activity Patterns from Each Trail Camera

Want to know what's really happening at a specific camera? DeerLab's unique camera dashboards tabulate stats based on your photos and the associated weather data provided. You might be surprised at some of the stats you see. For those that are moon freaks you'll love the breakdown of photos by phase. Just select a moon phase to view all the associated photos.

Camea Activity Stats for Trail Cameras

Share Your Trail Camera Photos

Showing off that mature 12-point buck or group of trail camera photos has never been easier. Just select one or more tags and DeerLab's Albums feature will create an easy-to-use public website you can share with friends, hunting buddies or even outfitter clients.

Best of all Albums hides sensitive information such as camera locations and will even automatically update whenever you add new photos to DeerLab.

Create Trail Camera Photo Websites

Works with All Trail Cameras, Macs, PC's, Tablets & Smart Phones

Gone are the days of having your photos stuck on one computer hogging up all your storage. Now you'll be able to access your photos from any device that has internet or cellular access. This comes in real handy if you share a property with others. Everyone can access photos and data (if you give them access) from work, home or even at the hunt club.

Works with All Trail Cameras and Smart Phones

Join hunters worldwide & discover an exciting new way to manage and analyze your trail camera photos.

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Adam Keith and Matt Dye

Land & Legacy's Adam Keith and Matt Dye

Ultimately, as a hunter, I want to find and pattern a hit list buck on his feet during daylight hours. DeerLab offers hunters and land managers the opportunity to analyze trail camera pictures at a deeper level.

The power to analyze individual bucks patterns from past years or current trail cameras information is unmatched. No matter the property size, location, or habitat type, we recommend our clients use DeerLab so they don't miss the opportunities to capitalize on their hard work.

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