5 Ways To Spook Bucks With Your Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a great scouting tool and have certainly led to the demise of more than a few trophy bucks over the last decade or so. However, as good as they are at getting you closer to that buck of your dreams, they are equally effective at ruining your entire whitetail setup. Well, actually the trail camera isn’t to blame. You are. Here are 5 ways you can actually spook the very buck you’re chasing when using a trail cameras.

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Choosing the Best Trail Cameras for You

Over the past several years perhaps no other item in the whitetail world has made the impact that trail cameras have. These diminutive tools have essentially changed the way we scout and pattern bucks - in a big way. But, given the massive number of trail cameras available, choosing the right one is no easy task. However, if you consider the following options you are sure to find the best trail cameras for you.

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Bowhunting Turkey Gear Tips

Sure, a lot of guys go after turkey with a scatter gun. However, if you want to make a tough hunt even tougher, try it with archery gear. Bowhunting turkey is without a doubt one of the most demanding, yet most exciting experiences you can have in the spring woods. But, before you try to call in a “Thunder Chicken” and close the deal with stick and string there are a few gear options that you should consider.

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5 Keys To Killing Public Land Bucks

If you’re like the majority of whitetail hunters out there then you don’t have access to hundreds of acres of prime hunting land or a deer herd with the ideal age-structure to foster trophy whitetails. Heck, a lot of public land locations do good to produce 4 yr. old bucks. However, all is not lost. You can still be successful on public land; on mature whitetails too! What’s the secret? Read on...

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How DeerLab Patterns Bucks

Behind the scenes DeerLab crunches data for hundreds of thousands of trail camera photos. For every photo we extract the timestamp, which in turn lets us pull numerous weather data points from your local weather station, calculate the appropriate moon phase, etc. This data provides an immense amount of benefits and is very valuable when trying to understand activity patterns for specific bucks.

Unlike other apps out there that give you stats from all your trail cam photos, DeerLab's takes a number of factors into account. Why? Not doing so would have you sitting in the wrong stand and the wrong time.

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Create and Share Trail Camera Photo Websites with DeerLab’s Albums

DeerLab is excited to announce the release of Albums, a first-of-its-kind feature which enables hunters to easily create and share public websites showcasing their trail camera photos managed by DeerLab’s web-app.

Outfitters, hunt leases and avid trail camera owners now have a simple way to publish their trail camera photos. Best of all, multiple Albums can be created to show only specific groups of photos. You can make an album of hit-list bucks or just display one or more tagged photos.

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Patterning Buck Movements with Trail Camera Photos: Introducing Buck Profiles

If you can predict a buck’s movement you will undoubtedly improve your odds in harvesting one. But patterning a buck’s movement is difficult. Especially a mature buck. While we know they mostly move at dawn and dusk they are still elusive. And unique. One buck’s daily movements might be completely different than another buck’s movements.

There’s been some fascinating GPS-based whitetail research that highlights these facts. Matt Ross, a wildlife biologist with QDMA, summarized some compelling mature buck movement findings which are a must-read for the avid hunter.

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Improved Photo Processing and Filtering

Today I wanted to share an update we’ve made on how we process the photos you upload. While not the sexiest update this fits right into our goal of saving you time when dealing with trail camera photos.

In the past when uploading photos to a specific camera we would show a “Processing” graphic instead of the actual photo if it had an issue or was currently being processed. 99.9% of the time the photo would update and appear but in rare circumstances, if the photo was missing Exif data (where the time stamp resides), or if it was corrupt, our processing graphic would just become an eyesore in your photo gallery.

To save you time organizing trail camera photos that don’t have time stamps or are corrupt we now automatically filter them as either Completed (Time Stamp Found), Incomplete (Time Stamp Missing), In Process (Currently Syncing Weather) or Corrupt. Here’s some more information about about each status.

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New Trail Camera Photo Viewer

We’ve recently made a couple of updates to improve DeerLab’s camera photo gallery experience.

Sometimes you just want to quickly scan larger photos. Now you can with DeerLab’s new Photo Viewer. When viewing photos from a specific camera just select a photo to see a larger view. You can then select the left side of the photo to see more recent photos or the right side to see older photos. You can even use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to quickly scroll through all your photos.

The Photo Viewer works with filters as well so if you want to quickly scan through specific photos you can.

To view weather for a particular photo just select the “View Photo & Weather Details” button right below each photo in the viewer.

Here’s a short video showing the photo viewer in action.

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